My name is Ashley Collins and I'm a Glasgow based Make Up Artist/Entrepreneur. I became interested in make up artistry and business from a young age. I am completely self taught in make up artistry (however I am fully insured.) I have never been trained by another MUA or been to any make up lessons. I found it easier to pick up a make up brush and teach myself how to use it to the best of my abilities. I previously studied accountancy and economics - thankfully this has still came in handy in both my make up career and co-owning a software company!

In 2015 I began painting faces in my free time and practised as much as I possibly could. Later that year I began to build up my own client base. I worked long hours (mostly at weekends) to ensure I was available to the public, I didn’t want to miss out on trying new looks on different skin tones, eye shapes, face shapes etc. However, as this was the beginning of my career I felt most weeks I was working for free and struggled. Over time with persistence I built up my client base and have continued to meet new clients every week.

I am available five days a week for make up appointments (Thurs-Sun) and I work early until late (8am – 8pm.) I offer appointments earlier than 8am if required as an Out Of Hours service.

I also have a second business. I co-own and co-founded a small independent software company. We began by creating an online reservation system (KiBook) which allows customers to arrange their own bookings day or night. We now have businesses across the UK and Ireland using our booking system which we're incredibly grateful for! We initially created KiBook as I felt I was struggling responded to so many messages and emails daily, I had late cancellations and constant no shows - so we created a system that takes deposits from customers and allows us to charge the remaining balance in the event of a no show/late cancellations. I attend to this business every day of the week day and night.


Finally, I also currently attend university for Business Management (Innovation and Enterprise.) Truthfully, I like to be kept busy and always want to improve myself and my work. There definitely is enough time in the week to do it all.

To contact me for any further information please email me at ashleycollinsblog@gmail.com

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