Ashley Collins

Entrepreneur & Professional Make Up Artist.
Six years industry experience.


About Me

In 2015 I began painting faces in my free time and practised as much as I possibly could. Later that year I began to build up my own client base. I worked long hours (mostly at weekends) to ensure I was available to the public, I didn’t want to miss out on trying new looks on different skin tones, eye shapes, face shapes etc. However, as this was the beginning of my career I felt most weeks I was working for free and struggled. Over time with persistence I built up my client base and have continued to meet new clients every single week.

In 2017 I began a little art collection called SatinMilk, our instagram is still live but mainly I was teaching myself how to use photoshop or trying at least! So I began designing little bits here and there, valentines cards, badges, make up bags etc. It was amazing, a whole new experience for me as I have never taken my “art” and put it on something other than a face or a canvas but I eventually felt this was not the path for me. I still create, mostly on an ipad now using procreate or on a macbook using adobe illustrator but I’ve found that I don’t like to keep up with the demand of sales. Some see this as silly and a way to make a profit, and they’re right to an extent but life isn’t all about a profit.

What else do I do? A question I hear often, although it’s not ridiculous to assume someone would choose to do make up only full time! I co-own/co-founded a small independent software company. We began by creating an online appointment system called KiBook. We now have businesses across the UK and Ireland using our booking system which we’re incredibly grateful for! We initially created KiBook as I felt I was struggling responded to so many messages and emails daily, I had late cancellations and constant no shows meaning no protection for loss of earnings for my business- so we created a system that takes deposits from customers and allows us to charge the remaining balance in the event of a no show/late cancellations. Since 2018 I have been learning (studying and learning as I go) different elements of software in my spare time in order to keep up with the demand of owning a booking system.

Finally, I am studying Business Management (Innovation and Enterprise) at university.  Truthfully, I like to be kept busy and always want to improve myself and my businesses!

What else is there to know? I only do things I am completely passionate about, I’m aware this is a blessing to have a choice in life but while I can make the kind of choices that shape my present and my future I will. I won’t work a job that doesn’t make me happy, I don’t like the idea of a “job” everything I do is because I want to do it and I think it will fund the kind of life I want to have for myself, my family and my friends. When I make a mistake I do my best to correct it whether this is in my personal life or in my work or my art, I don’t like to leave things unresolved and I choose to actively take part in life! 

I aim to do the best I can with my life whilst uplifting those around me, never take anything for granted.